Radio & PodcasTS

A journalist at the turn of the 20th century worries churches are adopting individual communion cups for racist reasons. Broadcast on WHYY's The Pulse

Two Japanese teenagers join a mysterious private school for performance magic and discover it's nothing like they imagined. Broadcast on KCRW's Unfictional

A group of commercial fisherman hunt for a famous run of chum salmon in Southeast Alaska. Published by Prophet Consulting’s The Inspiratory Podcast


The story of an American town built, and later torn apart, by the FLDS church—and the residents trying to rebuild the town in the church's absence. Published in Religion & Politics

A portrait of an American craftsman creating some of the world's most sought-after guitars. Published in La Musiconomy: Writing about Listening

A joint review of two books—a collection of poetry and an oral history—about work. Published in Curator Magazine