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Ryan Guitars Commemorative Poster & Book

I was comissioned to art-direct, produce, and write these materials for the thirtieth anniversary of celebrated musical instrument brand, Ryan Guitars. Ryan Guitars are premium instruments and a good number of the brand's fans have never owned, much less played, a Ryan in person. The thirtieth anniversary of the Ryan shop was a milestone opportunity to create some pieces the fans could own, even if they couldn't strum them.

Credits: Steve Thomas (Illustration), Aaron Haesert (Book Layout)


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Book project excerpt
Book excerpt
Book project excerpt
Book project excerpt

B & V 

I designed and hand-bound this 400+ page book containing the complete correspondence—emails and letters—from my girlfriend's and my dating years. The back cover is fitted with a special mahogany panel with a laser-cut compartment capped with Brazilian rosewood. The compartment held an enagement ring the night I presented the book for the first time. I'm pleased to say, all spectacle aside, she said yes. 

Dad's Dictionary

A laborious gag gift for my dad's 70th birthday for which family members helped me compile over ninety of the craziest words and expressions coined or appropriated by my father. From the back cover: Should you really be calling Chicago the "windy" city? What should you do if someone tells you to check out that "bogey"? If you're offered an "egger" should you say yes? Dad's Dictionary is the indispensable guide to understanding dad's quirky and beloved lexicon. 


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